Introducing our Fall/Winter 2015 Collection!


The Fall/Winter 2015 Giovannio collection emerges with an ultra postmodern perspective. The color palette, consisting of deep reds, shades of blue, jet-black, gray, silver and gold, powerfully compliments the fine millinery architecture.

The futuristic concept of the collection is elaborated with gritty geometrics and ethereal attachments. Leather straps, black bead embellishments, silver plates, celestial flora and a ravishingly off kilter gold bow communicate the avant-garde nature of Giovannio’s latest compilation.

The label’s ingenuity is encompassed by the movement of its pieces. With its twists, turns and dimensions, Giovannio hats are more than just hats. They are works of art.

From cloches, fedoras and pillboxes to fascinators, and derbies, Giovannio provides a multitude of options for its wearers as per usual.
There is hardly anything simple or delicate about the collection. With its eclectic elements, it is bold, daring, refined and awe-inspiring.



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