How every girl can be a GIO girl!

It is said that brides wear veils as a symbol of their groom’s profound love. Veils falling from a dazzling head piece tell people that as beautiful as a bride looks, the love their groom has for them does not run skin-deep. A bride’s face could be covered and her beauty would still shine through. A soldier will wear a hat for uniformity with his brothers, for protection against harsh weather, and as a signal of social standing. Headwear has been around since ancient times…and for good reason. Shielding us from natural elements, alleviating our bad hair days, and adding individuality to our attire, hats make the perfect accessory. The great thing about Giovannio hats is that they are made with every sort of personality in mind. No matter what your style, no matter what your head shape or facial structure, there is a hat for you! We see the Bohemian and see an opportunity to replicate her wistful persona. We see the daring glamour girl and are encouraged to create grand, wearable architecture. We see the explorer and we celebrate the wild. We see the girl next door and we recognize the appeal in subtlety. And as our brides walk down the aisle, we make sure the piece placed upon her head mirrors the magnificence pouring from her heart. From regal fascinators to relaxed fedoras, every girl can be a Gio girl.

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